Our Mission

Today’s technology is complicated. The average person has multiple social media accounts, email addresses, cell phone and work numbers, payment app usernames, gaming handles and social media handles. In today’s world, we have more virtual identifiers than we do physical ones. At KnowMe, our mission is simple – create software applications that simplify the lives of our members and return to them ownership and control of their data. Everything we do is guided by two key principles:

  • Our Products Must Be Intuitive and Easy to Use. We build products to save our members’ time. If an application we build is difficult to use, or complicated to set up, it’s time for us to go back to the drawing board.
  • Our Members Own and Control Their Data. At KnowMe, we will never sell our members’ individual data and our applications will never contain advertisements. We believe in offering our members’ premium services at transparent prices; not “free” services that a user pays for by giving up their private, personal data.

At KnowMe, we are consistently innovating to bring you new applications and new features for our existing applications. KnowMe simplified my life, I hope it simplifies your life too! – Ryan Newburn, Founder