Our Story

Late March, 2020 … As the global pandemic rages, my preteens turn to online gaming for connection and entertainment. For what feels like the dozenth time, I listen to my oldest tell me how his gaming account was hacked and how he needs to let his online community know about his new username. There must be a better way … August, 2020 … Competitive soccer provides an outdoor respite from Covid and my older children dive into a local competitive club. 15 players, 30 parents, two coaches and a two page, typed sheet with contact information for everyone … There must be a better way …. February, 2021 … Carrying my eight month old son, I walk down the street to meet the new neighbors – finally more kids! An 11 year old and a 10 year old, the perfect match for my older children and with parents I really enjoyed and could connect with. Then my son wakes up and wants mom. I try to take down 4 cell phone numbers while juggling my crying infant son. There must be a better way … I founded KnowMe to simplify my life. My wife and I have four children, in two different schools, playing soccer and flag football, running cross country, doing gymnastics and swim lessons and generally dominating my life in the joyful, yet exhausting, way children do. I had hundreds of contacts, business and personal, in my phone and would have been hard pressed to find the phone numbers for my neighbors. Group texts took too much time, time I didn’t have, to put together. If I ever moved, or changed my phone number or email, there are likely friends I would have never hear from again because I forgot to send them my new information. KnowMe was my answer. A simple, easy to use, application for securely storing and sharing contact information. With intuitive group messaging features, automatic updates to your contact information across platforms, the ability to keep private data private, and more features being added all the time, I hope KnowMe simplifies your life too! – Ryan Newburn, Founder